Certainty in an uncertain world



Rooted in experience

Stochastics™ is CSA’s generic modular software with years of research embedded in its design and international patents granted and pending. It is a modelling environment in which scenario-based problems under uncertainty can be formulated and solved on PCs, servers or the cloud

The Stochastics™ suite of risk modules provides value-added decision support and analytics for strategic, tactical and operational management as well as for research. In addition, Stochastics'™ advanced reporting facilities can serve as input to back-office operations such as performance measurement, investment accounting and compliance, amongst others

Stochastics™ generates elegant and rapid solutions to complex problems. The solution process consists of four steps:

  • Processes representing a client’s environment and changing financial markets are simulated in StochSim™
  • The practical problem is formulated using our stochastic modelling language and dynamic stochastic problem generator StochGen™
  • The stochastic problem is passed to StochOpt™ for solution
  • The results and data are viewed in user-friendly interfaces using StochView™

Stochastics™ uniquely allows easy rapid modification when modelling requirements or the regulatory environment change