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Dr Elena Medova

Dip Eng (MAI) MA PhD (Dalhousie)

Elena Medova is Managing Director of Cambridge Systems Associates Limited, formerly a Senior Research Associate at the Judge Business School, and Visiting Fellow and member of the Centre for Financial Research in the Statistical Laboratory, Department of Pure Mathematics and Statistics, University of Cambridge. Elena specializes in stochastic system optimization and financial risk management and has published extensively in leading international journals including Risks, Quantitative Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Portfolio Management, Journal of Financial Transformation and the British Actuarial Journal. She has been responsible for many projects at CSA and CFR, supervised a number of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, pioneered extreme value models in risk management in Advances in Operational Risk and was formerly an associate editor of the Journal of Operational Risk. Dr. Medova's research on risk management links the problem of practical risk assessment and management with financial regulation. Interest in her work has resulted in invitations to global banking conferences and executive education courses in London, New York, Paris, Nice, Geneva, Milan, Frankfurt, Moscow, Athens, Beijing, Bangkok and Calcutta